Jewish Socialists in the UK speak out

The response of some people to Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership of the Labour Party was to accuse Labour and the Left in general of antisemitism. We spoke to some Jewish socialists in the UK about their experiences and perspectives

The lonesome martyrdom of Jeremy Corbyn

Less than 1 year after leading Labour to win over 10 million votes in the general election, Jeremy Corbyn was temporarily suspended from the party. He is still not allowed to sit as a Labour MP. How could the beacon of hope for the British left fall so far so quickly?

The USA one month after the elections

On election day, we interviewed several leftists from the USA about their feelings about the elections. At the time, a Trump victory was still a distinct possibility. One month on, we interviewed US socialists based in Germany, the UK, and the USA to try to get a sense of the current mood

The fight for reproductive rights in Poland

Interviews with Dziewuchy Berlin, Zuzanna Dziuban and Anna Krenz   Why is this topic important to you? AK: As a Polish citizen, I am concerned about the political development in my homeland. I have many friends and family (and a house) as well as work partners in Poland. Therefore I am very interested in political, […]